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ZincTheme is a platform which allows you to take apart in our business by buying our attractive plans. The investment plans which introduced in ZincThme are designed in a way that provide the most profit. These plans are selected very carefully so not only provide the best performance to our investigators but also provide the progress for the whole business.

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About ZincTheme

Zinc oxide is one of the most widely used materials in every industry. The production of Zinc oxide is a knowledge-based investment and has an acceptable return. Zinc oxide is a compound with unique properties. Because of its use in energy storage devices, this substance has become quite significant in the recent century

How ZincTheme Makes a Profit

By using the wastes from steel plants, and with our unique technical knowledge, we have become self-sufficient in Zinc TEM, independent of its limited resources. With reliance on this strength, we have been able to distinguish ourselves from others in this industry and generate sizeable profits for the investors

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Investment plans are designed so carefully. You can use the provided calculator to see how buying the plans will increase your wealth.


Make a profit from your friends

The more investors ZincThem has, the more invests will be collected for our business and the more revenue would be made. So ZincThem provide an attractive mechanism for you to motivate your friends to invest in ZincTheme

Close Friend Mechanism
You can introduce two close friends to ZincTheme. You will have 4 percent of all revenues they collect forever!

Good Friends
You can introduce four close friends to ZincTheme. You will have 1.5 percent of all revenues they collect forever!

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